Bang Up


Quality Guaranteed

We traveled the West Indies
(and outer space) to bring you something stupid good.

chopped romaine lettuce with mango, carrot, and pickled onions; tossed with island ranch sauce, lime, fresh herbs, and crispy onions {add tofu; +2}

pan-tossed beans-in-pods with sweet peppers, roasted onions, jerk seasoning, and lime

fried n’ smooshed plantain and potato patty, served over a tomato- rum sauce

fried plantain and tortilla chips, served with house-made avocado-cucumber dip and pineapple salsa

crispy waffle fries with house-made curry, pickled onions, tamarind sauce, and fresh herbs

spicy house-made seitan wings, served with celery, trini hot sauce, and island ranch sauce; choice of:
– hot & sweet tamarind
– pineapple-soy-scotch bonnet 
– mango-scotch bonnet

plump noodles in a tangy sesame-soy sauce with {tofu -or- seitan}, shredded cabbage, red pepper, broccoli, carrot, and fresh herbs

grilled flour tortilla folded with {tofu -or- seitan}, black- eyed peas n’ rice, and topped with green cabbage, tomatoes, pickled onions, spicy mayo, and fresh herbs; served with avocado dip

crispy seitan with onions, pineapple, sweet red peppers, and fresh tomato all tossed in tangy cassareep sauce; served over coconut-rice with pickled onions, steamed broccoli, and fresh herbs

jerked scratch-seitan served over coconut black-eyed peas n’ rice with papaya slaw and spiced fresh pineapple

a stuffed fry-bread sandwich with crispy fried scratch-seitan, green-herb seasoning, tomatoes, papaya slaw, and trini hot sauce

a stuffed fry-bread sandwich with curried chickpeas, green-herb seasoning, tomatoes, papaya slaw, and trini hot sauce

mojo jackfruit, seitan-ham, green cabbage, tomato, pickled onions and cucumbers, with mustard and mayo, on grilled bread

deep-fried yellow plantains

baked with sweet peppers and baking spices

coconut milk bread, baked with golden raisins and toasted coconut

sliced and spiced

chopped fry-bread with… island ranch sauce

fresh papaya and pineapple with pickled red and green cabbage

coconut-rice with black-eyed peas

lightly spiced potato fries that look like mini-waffles!

coconut liqueur, dark rum, white rum, pineapple juice, banana liqueur, cream of coconut, fresh pineapple; blended

rum, coconut liqueur, lime, mango syrup, hibiscus syrup, orange and pineapple juice; rocks

spiced rum, coffee liqueur, vanilla, pealed banana, almond milk, chocolate; blended

tequila, cream of coconut, lime, jalapeño pepper; served in a really-real coconut

bourbon, london dry gin, lime juice, ginger ale, angostura bitters; rocks

rye whiskey, cream of coconut, chinese five-spice-curry, lemon, thai basil, angostura bitters; crushed rocks

mexican pilsner-style beer from mexico

american lager from montana

pale lager from jamaica

guava syrup, lime, club soda (n/a)

hibiscus syrup, coconut syrup, lime, club soda (n/a)

guava syrup, lime, club soda (n/a)