Bang Up

to the





Eat in your favorite chair!

Take Out -or- Delivery For You!

We're offering take out for all your beach shack cravings!

The happiest of happy hours...

Doubles & Doubles!

"It's a happy hour for non-virtual humans"

100% Outside Air:

Why are those windows open? We have fancy evaporative coolers for summer and radiant heaters for winter. Both of which encourage keeping our doors open to keep that happy little breeze moving through the room. This helps keeps our cleaner and more comfortable, not to mention extremely environmentally friendly. Both systems are 95% efficient (or better).

We also continue monitoring official guidance provided by both the CDC, WHO, and Denver Public Health for COVID-19 info. We are vigilant in ensuring all of our staff have been fully briefed (and are constantly updated) on the ongoing situation and sanitary practices. In fact, we self-enrolled in the city’s 5-star Certified Restaurant, just for added 3rd-party enforcement.


As always, we continue to take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene across our restaurant at all times. Because, in simple terms, we created a restaurant dedicated to making all creatures happy and healthy. While there are many other wonderful reasons to visit with us, this basic edifice of health and happiness will always be our primary goal.

We are committed to being flexible with our staffing, scheduling, and general operations should the unexpected should arise. We don’t toy with our health. So, while we may occasionally choose to suddenly limit our offerings, hours, or service from time to time, we ask that you forgive us these trespasses –knowing that our goal is to protect you and ourselves, so we can all continue to hug each other in the long-term.   😉